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by moto1320
Mon Dec 29, 2003 12:17 am
Forum: Training and Behavior
Topic: Jumping up...
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I've always done the old fashioned knee up. I don't use any force, but this stopped my dog in no time. I tell guests to do it to. He still tries now and again, but once the knee goes up he plants his butt on the floor. It's just awkward for the dog as he has nothing to hold on to- his breast bone la...
by moto1320
Mon Dec 29, 2003 12:10 am
Forum: Training and Behavior
Topic: Need help with a bite issue
Replies: 5
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I know your stress level right now, I actually have to put my dog to sleep in the next few days for a worse version of this. (See: General: rescue going crazy) He was very stable, minus kids, until one day...Is the afore mentioned nipping, just nipping the way they do when they get too excited, or a...
by moto1320
Sun Dec 28, 2003 11:54 pm
Forum: Training and Behavior
Topic: help! my sweetie loves to chew
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My dog lives to chew, he'll eat a whole 14 inch rawhide in about 30 mins. It just took over and over- taking the "off limits item", telling him no, and giving him "his" toys. Nothing was exemp for him, he even tried to eat the coffee table. Based on your screen name I'm assuming she's a rescue. This...

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