Thinking about getting a pit bull???

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Thinking about getting a pit bull???

Postby Ariel Payopay » Fri Sep 05, 2003 3:14 am

Love. Pit bulls need plenty of attention and care. Are you willing to let your dog to live inside your home with your family and you? A pit bull that gets to live with his family is a happy pit bull. He will be able to understand your family's lifestyle alot better and adapt to human behaviors. A pit bull left living alone in the backyard for long periods of time can be a depressed or destructive dog. Do you have room in your schedule to give your dog quality time several times a day? A great aspect of the pit bull is the incredible loyalty they carry. Pit bulls can be excellent companions with the right care, socialization, and training.

Money. Can you afford the vet bills when your dog needs it's vaccinations updated? Will you have the money available when your dog gets injured or sick? Are you able to afford the food, toys, and your dog needs to live a happy and healthy lifestyle?

Exercise. If you don't plan on exercising your dog. A pit bull is the wrong dog for you. Pit bulls have alot of energy. If they don't get the proper exercise they can get fat and wreckless around your home. A well exercised pit bull is a happy pit bull.

Obedience training. Obedience training is a must for pit bulls. Be sure you and every member of your family is commited to properly train and socialize your dog. Because of the bad rep displayed by the media, you have to show and prove to everyone that pit bulls can be great dogs.

Laws, regulations, and restrictions. Beware of laws in your county. There are plenty of laws against pit bulls. In some cities pit bulls are banned and put to sleep. Even the nicest perfect family dogs are put to sleep. Some insurance companies won't insure your house if you own a pit bull.

Guard dogs. Pit bulls make sucky guard dogs. True pit bulls have been bred to not to attack humans. A person who is educated about the pit bull can easily break in to someone's home and steal all the valuables including the pit bull! It has been known that pit bull breeders buy dogs of other breeds: German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and other naturally protective dogs to guard their pit bull kennels. But just because a pit bull is not human aggressive doesn't mean you are not protected when your pit bull is around. When you or your family is threatened or attacked by anyone, your pit bull will defend you.

Be ready to handle the discriminations from the ignorant and unknowing who may assume the worst about you when they see you own a pit bull.

Research and learn more about the pit bull. Being knowledgeable of your breed will help you understand your dogs behaviors, helping you become a better and more responsible owner.

Do not buy a pit bull because you want to have that thugged out image or look cool. If that's your main reason you want this dog......Slap yourself!



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