Newbie Here- Rescued Pit Arrives on Tuesday

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Re: Newbie Here- Rescued Pit Arrives on Tuesday

Postby AllisonPitbullLvr » Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:15 pm

First off, congrats on adopting!

I don't know if concerned is the right word but you would be safe to assume that the dog may change to adapt to his new living situation.

In the most basic example, the people I adopted Buddy from told me she was terrified of thunderstorms, vaccums, fireworks etc. Since I've had her at home, she is completely fine with all of them.

Nature versus nuture. Dogs are influenced by their environment and, most importantly, by their humans. So can you expect him to change? I'd say at least a little.

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Re: Newbie Here- Rescued Pit Arrives on Tuesday

Postby nessa » Sun Jan 30, 2011 10:16 pm

I'm no expert, but I do have three bully breed dogs. All are rescue, and I suspect at least two of them are mixed. You just made the best decision of your life. Bullies are in many ways no different than any other breed. They are no more or less likely to change their demeanor. There is so much media negativity, yes. Bully breeds are the most popular right now, so get a lot of attention. I look at it like this. If the media tells me that males of a certain color are more likely to be thief, do I assume when I meet a male if that color, that hes a thief, and if he doesn't exhibit the mannerisms of a thief now, that he will in the future, and do I always look for evidence of his thieving nature? No. Media hype is crap. It makes money, sells products. Yes, some bully dogs have problems, so do a lot of chihuahuas.
No one can guarantee this dog will not have problems, but if its from a reputable rescue, they have vetted this dog, and you have a way better chance of having a well behaved dog. And, if an issue should arise, they will take the dog back.
The dog that I owned before and with my oldest dog was a lab/retriever mix. Bless his heart, he was more likely to bite strangers than any of my three bully dogs. He bit me once, when he was going for my oldest dog, and once lunged and nipped at a stranger running too close past us.
Bully breed dogs are the light of my life, and I'm sure they will change your life for the better. They are my little hellions :fire: and my little angels :angel: .
Don't believe the crap that they will "turn" on you. You will get to know your dog and you will see. My dogs turn on me every night. Turn as they try and circle closer, under the covers.

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Re: Newbie Here- Rescued Pit Arrives on Tuesday

Postby MikeInTacoma » Mon Jan 31, 2011 12:51 am

Hi carlbick, thanks for taking in a rescued dog. This part of the forum is just for new folks to introduce themselves so the moderators can give them posting privileges; it's really not for answering complex questions such as yours. I'm not an expert, but my understanding is that, as a group, Pit Bulls tend to have a longer adolescence than many other breeds; and sometimes genetically mediated dog-dog aggressive behaviors (often called "dog aggression" or just "DA," but those terms are really too vague) may show up, even in well socialized dogs, as late as two years. How likely is that to be an issue for your dogs? Impossible to guess. There's more on this sometimes controversial topic in the General Forum, and in Training and Behavior forum -- viewforum.php?f=6


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