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My name is Jennifer. I'm a 42 year old single Pit bull mix owner in Southern California. Ive been around pitbulls for a long time but have never owned one until I got the pit mix I have now.

I've always been a beagle lover and have owned 4 beagles over the last 14 years. My dogs name is Hank or as my son and I affectionately call him "Little Hankie" I got him in May of 03 when he was just 6 weeks old. A friend of mine from work said her Old English Bulldog had been staying with a friend when she was on vacation and she went into heat and they weren't sure if the father was a border collie or a pit bull because she was around both dogs. Well she couldn't find homes for the three puppies so I took one. At the time I did not know that puppies from the same litter can have two different dads and Hankies littermate looked exactly like a border collie so I assumed he was border collie mix and I that is how I became the proud mom of a pitbull mix!

I currently just have Hankie and a 3 toed box turtle named Crush. My 16 year old cat Bailey and my 12 year old beagle Freddy have both just recently passed away. I did agility and extensive obedience training with my beagle Freddy and my other beagle Frankie and would love to get Hankie in agility but I have some dog aggression issues with him which is why I joined your forum. I'm hoping to learn more about this breed and how to stop the aggression if its at all possible. I will post more about my problem later.

I am really looking forward to talking to people on this forum and hopefully making new friends along the way!

Thank you,


I tried attaching a few pictures of him but could not figure it out here is a link to a few pictures of Hankie http://s1089.photobucket.com/albums/i355/ReddyRoo/ I hope that works.

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