Hi everybody


Hi everybody

Postby Txchick22 » Mon Dec 10, 2012 3:51 pm

Hi, I am Dimi a 22yr female Dallas resident. I love APBT with a ever growing passion. I blame my uncle for that since he had a backyard full and would never let anyone into the back yard. But I would see some laying in their houses hell some would sit on top of the houses and this was intresting to me. Once he let me take my first step into the yard he told me don't be afraid that's when I patted big buster on top of the head and he licked my arm up and down. Not to mention knocked me since I was only a 10 year old little girl weighing little to nothing. My mom all ways hated the the dogs so I believe I rebelled along with my sister and brother and got one. I bought my very first one when I moved out on my own Jan. 2012 at 6wks old it took me 6 months and countless hours of reading on the breed and its history not to mention bloodlines to find Swisher he's not papered but beautiful. i drove an hour with a slipping transmission to pick him up lol got that fixed by the way. And I never let anything stand in our way and he is now a year old and he is 2nd son with four legs and even my pit bull hating my lives him and doesn't feel safe at home without him. More people need to give the breed a chance and stop being so racist lol. Hell I'm black and my dog is black and when I used to take to the white rock lake dog park I didn't know who they stared at more me or my dog lmao. They would ask me questions does he bite I would he has teeth. But none the less I would say I am a responsible he is vetted, eats great food no not out of a grocery store and is loved by me, my 8yr son and his grandma not to mention my neighbors but I think it more fear than love lol.
Hope you guys liked my intro
No ready to enjoy a forum that is for the breed and its enthusiast.
Ps pic coming soon.
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Re: Hi everybody

Postby Leslie H » Sun Dec 16, 2012 4:55 pm

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