New to the breed and loving and learning every minute of it!


New to the breed and loving and learning every minute of it!

Postby sparerib78 » Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:53 am


My name is Josh and myself and my wife have never had any experience with pitbulls although I have always been drawn to this breed because of its character and physical attributes. Well, that all changed when I met this beautiful friendly stray behind the building I work at in September last year. I heard from my fellow employees that a stray "boxer" was hanging out in the back parking lot for a few days. I went outside to check him out at lunch and Oakland Animal Control was pulling up to take him away. I told them I would take him home and take care of him. 2 hours later a coworker and I were finally able to wrangle him into a leash and into my truck. And thus began our adventure with Coco the pitbull.

When I brought him home that evening we knew that in order for us to be able to keep him he would have to be able to get along with our Welsh Corgi, Simba. As fate would have it, they got along very well (we do not leave them alone together for their safety yet and we may not ever). Although he and Simba bonded quickly it is apparent that Coco is somewhat fearful of humans and has a low level of confidence. He will try to avoid and or flee when he feels uncomfortable or scared and if approached too quickly may pee. He is submissive by nature and has a lower energy level but if left alone uncrated he gets separation anxiety and will destroy what he can get to. I hand walk him every at least once a day for 30 minutes or more sometimes twice a day but I sure do think he would benefit from running on a mill. I'll either build one or buy one, whichever we can afford.

We have found that Coco is great with children (a natural nanny), loves meeting other dogs (but not too keen on adults yet, and men in particular), taking long walks or runs and snoring, drooling and loudly cleaning himself at ungodly hours of the night! We are still trying to get him to play with us but haven't found a toy that interests him yet. We'll have to keep experimenting with that. Maybe a flirt pole?

As for myself, I love playing my drums, listening to and making music, reading, watching movies, exploring the great outdoors, and being alive!New



Oh, I love my dogs, too!


Josh, Ana and Coco

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Re: New to the breed and loving and learning every minute of

Postby Curly_07 » Mon Jan 21, 2013 5:39 pm

:welcome: Please read all of the stickes at the tops of each section before posting elsewhere in the forum. The training and behavior section will probably be helpful to you and your situation with Coco. Many of us here have fostered, owned, and/or adopted fearful dogs displaying the behaviors you mentioned, and it is something you can work with them on. Thank you for taking him in!

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