Hello and Breed Help


Hello and Breed Help

Postby Felise_Ozzy » Tue Feb 26, 2013 8:26 pm



I am Felise and above is Ozzy. My family (DH, 3 y/o son, and Himalayan cat) just (2 weeks ago) adopted Ozzy from a pit bull breeder in town that also rescues Bully breeds. We had an in-home visit and filled out a 4 page application before he became part of the family. We were told that they thought he was a 6 month old (46 lb) American Bulldog but weren't sure. Whether he is or not we love him and his easy going temperament. I work fulltime as a Medical Office Manager and my husband is a student in a welding program. Our new addition is more calm than our 3 y/o :wow

Ozzy had his first vet visit a week ago and is going back tomorrow to remove a retained testicle and get lab work (just for an fyi). We also thought he had a rib missing but apparently he had a traumatic injury and actually has an intercostal muscle tear that the vet said healed amazingly well. He seems a bit stiff when we wakes up but is quick to recover. He has lower energy than I expected and I am not sure if it is the injury, his age, or just his energy level. I get up at 6 am and throw the ball for 15-30 min (or until he shows no interest) goes in his crate from 7-2 then my husband comes home and plays with him and then he roams the house for 2 hours on nights my husband works and then I come home and we play fetch/laser pointer and then in the next hour we go on a walk. Other than that he sleeps. He has learned sit, stay, down, and leave it although not yet 100% and he gets a little fuzzy if distracted but I have faith he will pick it up very easily. We haven't got any reaction for recall but that is my next project after getting him to walk and not pull on his leash.

We crate him for a short time during the day while I am at work and my DH is at school and will probably let him roam more when we know he is fully housetrained and wont chew the mess out of everything. He is sleeps in his crate at night but we left his crate open last night and he did fine other than getting in bed and curling up next to me at 5 am this morning.

He is very timid and at first loved to go on walks but now when we get 5 houses down he plops his butt down in the road and looks back at the house. Hopefully this will improve with more training as well. He is not dog aggressive with my sister's two dogs (both females; a basset hound and Pomeranian) nor is he aggressive towards my cat (who wants absolutely nothing to do with him). He is very afraid of my neighbors 100 lb white American Bulldog (intact) and when that dog get close (because he wants to play so bad he growls and bares his teeth) I am hoping over time this changes. He also growls when my lovely neighbors let their dogs roam the streets and they try to come up to us and are barking like crazy. He did have a bone issue the second night we had him and grabbed my sister's Pomeranian when she tried to take his bone but since then we have put her basset hound (who he thinks is his girl friend) next to him and fed treats and no problems so far. We are watching him closely but he hasn't exhibited any more negative behavior since that one incident. My 3 y/o can feed him out of his hand and tell him to drop stuff and he listens.

Every time I walk him I hear either "What a pretty pit bull", "what a pretty boxer", or "what a pretty American bulldog". Short of getting a DNA test we don't know what he is. Any ideas?
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Re: Hello and Breed Help

Postby Leslie H » Tue Feb 26, 2013 9:29 pm

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