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My name is Wynn & the love of my life is Blueberry…my rescue pit bull. I’m a 57 year old wife, mother, grandmother of 8 living in the paradise of Santa Barbara, CA. One day I realized I need companion. (Obviously the grandkids don’t live here!) My husband was gone a month camping for 2 months & I had to stay home & work. I was lonely & wanted a hiking companion.
In Feb 2012, I lost the last of my pack of 5 large mutts. I was lonely for a dog! I started the search for the perfect dog. I searched all the dog shelters high & low within 100 miles radius, but most of my affordable choices where pit bulls & Chihuahuas. I was beginning to wonder why there wasn’t anymore inter-breeding between the two. My ‘perfect’ list was short but sweet. My dog must
1. Like (at least tolerate) kids
2. Like (at least tolerate) cats
3. Like (at least tolerate) chickens
4. Notice no mention of my husband

At ‘DAWG’ in Santa Barbara, I met Angela of ‘Deserving Dog Rehab & Rescue’ in Santa Barbara. I mentioned my list & she suggested on of her pit bull pups. We agreed to meet so I could meet this puppy. We couldn’t get together for another 2 weeks, but once I met this grey puppy, I was in love. Angela let me take the puppy for the weekend & off we were on our first hike. She was great off lead! …but didn’t know what a trail was, what water was, how to cross a stream, what a lizard was…she came from LA shelters…no wonder! No other family wanted her cause of her HUGE head!

I have had a lot of dogs, but Blueberry is special. She is also the only dog I’ve had that I trust with my grandkids… although I still have to be careful…she still is a 70 lb puppy. She LOVES kids, other dogs, etc. Her favorite think to do is play! She’s even taught other dogs how to play tug of war.

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Re: Blueberry

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Blueberry is really cute!
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Re: Blueberry

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Duplicate thread. Locking.

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