Hello, from East Bay CA.


Hello, from East Bay CA.

Postby Aint pit Aint shit » Sat Nov 23, 2013 6:43 am

Hello, my names kristina i am a 30 yr old stay at home mom that litterally grew up with pitbulls in my life! The youngest i know of is at 4 months old, i adore, value, and highly respect our bullys and would risk everything but my kids to help one! Even after having my right wrist shattered, left arm almost ripped off and charged at more than once ive never once turned my back on the beautiful loyal breed and i can tell u from first hand experience that our of roughly 40 pits and pit mixes that only 1 was a naturally aggressive dog, i only had 5 that were animal and or stranger aggressive but only do to the fact so severe trama, bad breeding, and general lack of rules and socialization! Out of those i only had 1 pit that had to be put down due to his level of abuse, (r.i.p. tahoe) he just couldnt be fixed.... his scars ran way to deep! My 5 kids are also very into the breed and at 6 yrs old being my oldest they love the dogs! My finance is a pit fan as well! As family we take rescued pits rehab em socialize em and rehome em! Pits are an excellent exapmle of courage loyalty power and drive all rolled into one.... i currently own a 17 month old pit lab mix "Ginger" that is my fiances epilepsy service dog! Then i have "Gage" my 8 ek old rednose/bluenose x and then my litlle "Kyra" my 4.5wk old bluenose/rednose x! They all are smart and get along! Gotta have them in my life!
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