hello from the lbc :)


hello from the lbc :)

Postby yourmoonbaby » Mon Feb 24, 2014 8:23 pm

Hi there! My name is Kelly, I'm a 22 year old juice enthusiast/freelance model living in Long Beach, CA. About a month ago I bought a puppy from a woman on craigslist advertising for "English Staffordshire Puppies" for only $50. He was a little less than 4 months old and weighed 25 lbs and the lady hadn't got him any shots or anything, got that all taken care of. My puppy's name is Sir Basil Robert Peabody, or Basil for short. My first puppy ever! He's the sweetest most calm lil guy ever. such a lover and a player. He greatly enjoys playing with my roommates 2 year old Siberian Husky (she was a runt and a female so she only weighs 25 lbs... basil has now surpassed her weight haha), they can go at it all day long.

Sir Basil is now about 5 months old and i weighed him last week he was at 36 lbs, I'm assuming he's nearing 40 at this point and time. I'm here because i really want to know what breed my puppy is. He's giant so it makes me think he's not just a pit bull or staffy. his paws are huge! I'm also just interested in having a place to come and discuss stories/issues i have with my pup as he's the first dog i've ever owned on my own. I think doing really well though! he's essentially totally potty trained, waits by the door when he needs to go out, he's only peeing in my roommates rooms to mark territories (I'm assuming, its rare anyway) they both have pets of their own. he's already learned a few tricks (sit, paw, lay down) and follows me everywhere and won't run away from me.

i don't know much about being a pit bull owner and i know it comes with some trial and tribulation so I'm basically just a noob hoping to get some knowledge on this special breed!

the day i got Basil :)

jolene and basil


basil has light green/blue eyes, they're like the color of a slice of a green olive if that makes any sense haha. he has a blue fawn coat, its really silver actually and sometimes looks purple in the sun. but he has a red nose and pink lips and a pink belly. he's absolutely gorgeous. i can't wait to meet other awesome pups!
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Re: hello from the lbc :)

Postby jamielvsaustin » Tue Feb 25, 2014 11:42 am

Hi Kelly, :welcome: to PBF!

Your pictures aren't working...poo! Here's how to post a picture: viewtopic.php?t=10790

Here are some links that have some really good starter information for you:

What to Expect (from the website BadRap...they're the ones that took the Mike Vick dogs):

Breed Information: Pit Bulls and other dogs (from Pit Bull Rescue Central or PBRC another really awesome site): http://www.pbrc.net/breedinfo4.html

Dog park info (ew): viewtopic.php?f=2&t=50274

Behavior Adjustment Training (commonly referred to as BAT)-it's a really easy way to train :) http://empoweredanimals.com/BAT-basics.pdf

Stress in dogs-this is great for when they're interacting with other dogs or people...while you may have a dog friendly dog now-things could change...and if you're more prepared, you can prevent bad situations from happening: http://www.4pawsu.com/stresssigns.html

And lastly-since you live in a multi-dog home, here's some info on crating and rotating:

We look forward to having you and Sir Basil Robert Peabody *does a very formal bow and waves hands* here at PBF!

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