Hello All from Goodyear, Arizona


Hello All from Goodyear, Arizona

Postby Dk8676 » Tue Mar 25, 2014 11:31 am

Hello everyone!

My name is Dustin and I'm a 30 year old APBT owner from Goodyear, Arizona. These two are my first APBT's and to be honest, were not the dogs I was originally looking for. I've owned dogs all my life including wolf hybrids, GSD's, Great Danes, German Short Hairs, and a Blue Tick Coon Hound. I have learned a lot about this breed and have become completely enamored.

My two dogs are Dodger and Ivy, both with very differing personalities. The first one I'd like to introduce is Dodger, he is a 5 year old rescue from the unit at which I work. He was seized from an owner who was not caring for him or his mate and puppies. He had severe valley fever and was extremely emaciated. During his time at the unit I began training him and then began to realize how intelligent and playful the breed was. It took a few months but I was eventually able to convince the girlfriend to let me bring him home. He now believes he is her lap dog and she treats him as if hes her baby. They are inseparable.

Dodger and his Girl, my daughter, Zoe.

Onto Ivy, our puppy. After bringing Dodger home we began associating him with dogs at the local dog park. It took about two visits (and prior months of training, teaching him I was the alpha and getting him use to commands), until I was comfortable with him at the park. During our time there we met a very nice gentleman named Kevin who had the cutest puppy who matched Dodger's colors. Her name was Ivy and they played together great. We talked to Kevin for about an hour while our pups played and discovered he might have to find Ivy a new home. He only had her for about a week (She arrived the Wednesday Prior, it was a Sunday, from IronKing Kennels in Florida. He had spent a lot of money on getting her to Arizona) but his mother, who was in her late 70's and his ONLY family, was terrified of her. She was only 4 months old, who could be scared of a puppy! But regardless, he needed to find her a home and she was welcome in our house. We were not really looking for an addition, but Dodger seemed to get along great and it only gave him someone to play with when we were not home. 3 months have passed and they are now the best of friends.

Doing what she does best

Happy pups!

Sibling Rivalry!

The previously unmentioned Queen of the Roost, Carolina

Then there is the Queen of the Roost, my 12 year old DSH Cat, Carolina. She has seen several dogs in her time and is not impressed/scared/or even lightly concerned about them. She smacks them both around regularly and they are both terrified of her. I honestly believe she might be the evil incarnate. :fire:


I am an avid mountain biker, online gamer (Titanfall Incoming!), and a Paleo believer. I have lost 150 pounds in a year by following that lifestyle and will never give it up. I work for the Sheriff's Department for the MCSO MASH Unit (http://www.mcso.org/mash/ -- Where Dodger came from). I build computers on the side and am currently attending classes to become a certified dog trainer and hopefully getting Dodger certified as a therapy dog!
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Re: Hello All from Goodyear, Arizona

Postby jamielvsaustin » Wed Mar 26, 2014 10:56 am

Hi Dustin,
Welcome to the forum! We're very happy to have you. You've created a perfect intro post :) Some of what you've written about concerns me so I would like to suggest to you to search this site for the following topics (there are also plenty of people here who love to share resources should you decide to start a thread on one of them):
dog parks
alpha theories
leaving the dogs together when you're not home

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