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New to Pit Bulls

Posted: Mon May 26, 2014 11:34 pm
by furmom29
I recently adopted a Pit Bull off of Craigslist. I wasn't really looking but answered an ad and the rest is history! It took 3 months of contact & communication back and forth before he came home with us. His family had him since he was a puppy and their rules changed w/the association where they lived so they had no choice but to find him a new home. I feel fortunate that they chose us out of several interested parties.
We have a 9 yr old Rottweiler, 12 yr old & 8 year old Bichons along with 2 cats who are in their mid-teens. It turned out that Norris is good with cats & all size dogs, both males & females . His owner socialized and trained him very well and he has a to die for personality! He is as sweet as the day is long! He doesn't really play w/our Rottie altho they will chase each other, she likes to wrestle and he likes to run. When our daughter brings her BC mix puppy to our house the two of them chase each other all over the yard and he is very patient with her! He has no interest in our cats whatsoever and even when our Rott chases them he could care less, which I am very happy about!
My husband was a little concerned about bringing a Pit Bull into the house but I assured him the dog would have to be relatively bomb proof before I'd bring one home. It was the same with our Rottweiler which is why I got her from a reputable breeder. Norris came to our house for a visit and was great with our dogs, once he came to stay I knew everything would be fine when our cat, altho leary of him had no fear of him. She has a very good sense about which dogs are safe and which ones are not. Norris, like our Rottweiler, is a very good ambassador for the breed!