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Chako Collars!

Posted: Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:10 pm
by chako
I am very happy to announce some new charity collars for sale on our website. We will periodically have a few hand made leather collars for sale -- and 15% of the proceeds go directly to Chako. These collars use recycled leathers (belts, older leather collars, etc.) that have had new life breathed into them. Not only does using recycled leathers make today's cows happy :) but it also means many of the leathers are nice and soft.

So check out the few collars we have available, and if something strikes your fancy, you can rest assured knowing that your purchase directly helps Chako! We currently have more rescue dogs than we've ever had before, so we're coming up with some creative ways to bring in a little extra these days :)