Phoenix had her first run at lure coursing today.

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Phoenix had her first run at lure coursing today.

Postby Keira&Phoenix » Sun Jul 24, 2011 5:54 am

So I took Phoenix out to give her a go at Lure Coursing today. The intention was just to give her what they call a puppy run to see if she would go for the lure or not. Anyways I gave her a puppy run and she loved it so I entered her in the comp for the day. She did well on her first run went off after quickly and was doing well but ran back towards me half way through. On her 2nd run she was getting real psyched up watching the other dogs chasing the lure and I was encouraging her by the time it was her turn she was puling like a steam train and she took off like a shot and did the whole course without cutting corners. I was so proud I couldn't stop smiling afterwards. Everyne commented on her run saying it was great for her first day and for her age. With some training and fitness she should do well :)

On top of that I met some great people including lovely older couple who breed Staffordshitre Bull Terriers who had 2 of their dgs running. They spent the whole time chatting to me and it was great.

All in all great day and I am looking forward to the next one :D

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Re: Phoenix had her first run at lure coursing today.

Postby merriterrier » Sun Jul 24, 2011 11:41 am

Sweet! Congrats to Phoenix! :thumbsup:

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