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Re: What's the correct Hight for a Sringpole ?

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:29 pm
by Iwata_Graffiti
They have those springs at the hardware store, not sure what there for.. They had a whole AssortmentĀ of different springs.. Thanks RED !! :cheers: I see now that you don't have too many trees around you,, I get it know. The tree in the back yard looks perfect for a garage door spring. It has a 12/14in branch, about 20ft of the ground, And it's that solid about 15ft away from the tree. I'm planing on using a garage door spring, just cuz at ACE hardware the sell them singly. But the have 2 diff weights (70lbs and 160lbs) I was planing on using the 160lbs, just cuz the dog weighs 75lbs at 7mo's already.. they also sell CompressionĀ springs, But you want the spring to have Pull to it, so I'm not sure if the compression would be good !?!?!?