e-mail burn out

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e-mail burn out

Postby Kingsgurl » Sat Mar 12, 2011 1:44 am

How do you cope? How do you respond??

I get a ton of e-mails pleading for help. Some leave me at a loss. Like this one........

Hi we have taken in a pit we found on the street, neutered him and have had him in our home for the past 6 months. He has bitten two people and another dog. We have him in training and are making great headway with him but with this recent 2nd bite we feel we can't take the risk of keeping him any longer. Our trainer also advised that we are not, in his opinion, equipped to keep him and that he needs a home with strict structure and discipline with someone who is very experienced. Of course we love him and he is so sweet and affectionate and loyal with us, but I feel its too dangerous. This last bite was completely out of the blue. The first seemed to be related to protecting me and our home.
Anyway I can't bear the idea of putting him down. Are there any options you can suggest? He is a beautiful, playful black 1 yr old pit pup.

Thank you for your time.

I've obviously never met the dog, but he is one year old and already been allowed/put in a situation where he has bitten two people. I can't even place stellar dogs, what makes these people think I can 'fix' this dog and place him??? I feel conflicted, as I consider that this dog may be passed on to someone ELSE who is ill equipped to handle him and his issues, yet I know the people would freak out if I suggested that if THEY don't have the time and ability to deal with the liability then it is unfair to expect someone ELSE to. They did a good thing by this dog and took him in, neutered him etc. so I do feel for them. These are the ones that get me the most. What do you do?? This is not a dog I would consider for my program, though I haven't met him. If I do not respond, will someone else take him and put him back out there, going from that to headlines in my area? Do you agree to take the dog, tell the people his adoptability pends it passing your BE (knowing full well he won't) and do the dirty work if it needs to be done?

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Re: e-mail burn out

Postby Amie » Sat Mar 12, 2011 7:22 am

That's a tough one! I get e-mails like that a lot personally - honestly, I usually ignore them, because it's someone who doesn't know me at all and got my contact through several other people. But those are the ones for me, not for an organization.

I think I would do as you suggested, and talk to the people, and then tell them that you will take the dog in, but its adoption isn't guaranteed, and there will be a BE. They might not even agree to that, and may be the type that want him to go to some sweet little old lady who will send Christmas cards of him or something. But it's SO frustrating when people don't understand how many really spectacular dogs with ideal temperament are dying, and then ask us to essentially sacrifice one of them for one with needs like this.

There are also places like this: http://www.olympicanimalsanctuary.org/ though I don't know how much help/good they'd do.

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Re: e-mail burn out

Postby buckaroo » Sat Mar 12, 2011 7:54 am

I have a form e-mail I send back to those people with general suggestions. Sometimes I personalize it more depending on the day. Don't dwell on them for long.

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Re: e-mail burn out

Postby luvnstuff » Sat Mar 12, 2011 6:55 pm

Buckaroo which rescue are you afilliated with ? Been networking a lot lately over the meatball here in Mich.
To the op the emails never stop . I find many don't really want help or are prepared to do what it takes to turn dogs around . They usually want some one.to obsolve their guilt and take the dog off their hands. Not always bad.people many the opposite ..too nice but over their heads .

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Re: e-mail burn out

Postby merriterrier » Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:27 pm

I used to answer every email, usually with a "sorry" and a list of alternative resources. Now I just ignore them unless they are from shelters, pounds or other rescues. I am usually full with a waiting list. I can hardly help dogs in real danger. I can't even touch on helping the pets of irresponsible idiots. Also, I might be getting a little cynical after doing this for nearly 10yrs, but i don't like to give some looser who feels it is his right to abandon his dog the satisfaction of knowing his dog will be loved like the dogs in our rescue. I know it sounds callous, but damn! I gotta deal with way crappier stuff than "he sheds too much" on a daily basis. Obviously I reply to adoption or dog inquiries.

(I am probably suffering from another round of burnout atm)

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