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Re: so this morning...

Postby Zagari » Wed Mar 30, 2011 7:03 pm

That is pretty scary. I'm glad the dog was finally neutered and sent home. While we've had dogs stolen my shelter before, it's always been at night and they were never forcefully taken from anyone. We've had several people who readopted their dogs because boarding fees were outrageous.

Not specifically related but kind of. A man came to the shelter and wanted to adopt a puppy for his wife. We had a litter of 3 mo old dachshunds, already spayed and ready to go. My coworker offered to let the guy foster the puppy for one or two days and then come back and pay for her. He already filled out all the paperwork but didn't pay. A month goes by and we cannot get in contact with the guy. He gave us three different numbers, none worked. Three different addresses. We ended up calling his emergency contact off his microchip page and it ended up being his dad. We finally got a hold of him and he said he gave the dog away. We went to the people's house that he supposedly gave her to and they were not home. Instead of pressing charges or anything, the board of directors just let it go. It would have been too costly, they said. So we lost a dog... and the worst part, the employee who let it happen didn't get any kind of punishment at all.

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