Hormone imbalance?

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Hormone imbalance?

Postby Gunnar » Thu Jan 25, 2018 3:45 pm

Hey everybody!

My boy, Gunnar, just had his first birthday and he's in impeccable health <3 However, we took him to the vet recently because of a gross discharge he was having from less than pleasant areas. We thought it might be a UTI or something, but it turns out that he's just SO fertile that he's having a buildup of sperm in his tract. He's producing so much that his urine sample looked like a sperm sample.

What I'm wondering is, might there be a hormone imbalance that's causing this? Also, its a long shot, but might a hormone imbalance be the cause of his anxiety and apparent depression? He's always been a low energy dog, but has also always had problems with his mood, no matter what we do. It was suggested by a friend that getting him neutered might help with his hormone levels.

Any advise? Thoughts? Ideas? Thanks guys :cheers:

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