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Postby JenLeigh » Mon May 11, 2009 10:40 pm

i would imagine each case is different, but id be worried about prolonged and dangerous types such as enigma described.

and, not meaning to anthropomorphize (sp?) the dog, but my sister and one of my cousins both have had false pregnancies. and they were emotionally devestating. going into "mommy mode" and finding out there's nothing there, then having a fear of your body for what it's doing. it's so stressful. and i think dogs are sentient beings, and i would imagine that a mama dog would be upset at the whole process.

i don't have any suggestions, other than my sister was told it was a psychological thing. mind over matter. so maybe try what enigma said, and keep her busy so her mind is off of it.

i hope your girl does ok.

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Postby Enigma » Tue May 12, 2009 8:15 pm

This is actually very true, it's very stressful and depressing for the female when a bad case of false pregnancy hits her. Plus the female can really go into false labor with contractions that can cause internal bleeding, because there are no pups. I'm sure Brina's false pregnancy would go that far if i would just ignore it and wouldn't listen to my vet's advice. She was used as a breeding machine for many years and the heat she went into a few days after she came to me was probably the first heat without her being bred and having pups so it hit her hard. But i kept her busy, exercised her more, cut down on her meals to dry her up and prevent prodution of milk / mastitis, took away everything she "adopted" (which was really anything she could find - toys, shoes, clothes, even my cd player), destroyed every nest she made and kept myself from babying her (that was probably the hardest part, hehe). Luckily it passed in a week without any major problems and she was spayed later on.

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Postby Mooresmajestic » Thu May 14, 2009 7:35 am

I only milk her when the milk is a nasty greenish color, my vet said thats the best way to stop mastitis along with antibiotics. He said that stuff needed to come out.

Thats is far as she goes thank heavens!! I've never had to deal with any horrors of false labor!!! And she doesn't nest, or take any "fake" babies. I just won't bring home any kittens to bottle feed untill she is through this. I think that's what really set her off the first time and it is possible that I did have one at the time of her 2nd one too.

And to answer some earlier questions--- yes I show and work her in obed, tracking, conformation right now.

I can't cut her food anymore she only gets 1 1/2 cups a day and she goes on 2mi bike rides 5 days a week and I train 4 days

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