Hot Spot or Not?

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Hot Spot or Not?

Postby ChelseaB » Thu Oct 02, 2014 10:39 pm

About a week ago a very angry looking spot about the size of a dime cropped up on Kelise's back paw. It wasn't raised at all, didn't appear to be very painful, and wasn't oozing any pus. It was bleeding though and she was licking it every now and then. Here it is day 1:

The only thing I could think was hot spot, which doesn't really fit because she's obviously short haired and wasn't obsessively licking it more than any other dog would be licking a wound. So, I cleansed it with one of the many mediated shampoos from the vet I have in my arsenal, and put on some ointment (again, from the vet for some other puppy boo boo), and decided to just keep an eye on it. I went ahead and got her a donut collar also just to keep her away from it.

A week later and it hasn't improved much at all, but now it's slightly raised along the edges, so I'm pretty sure it's at least mildly infected. Here it is today:

Strangely, my others female Niabi had something really similar on her front leg about a month ago, but it never got as angry looking, and cleared up on its own in under a week. Same thing with my male Dante. Maybe a parasite? Not sure what kind of parasite would work so quickly though. Any ideas?

This is something I'd like to treat at home if possible. My dogs are very well taken care of and we are VERY well aquatinted with out vet, but I do feel like my vet tends to prey on my love/paranoia for my fur children and ends up seriously emptying my bank account as a result. The last time I broght Kelise to the vet was for minor occasional bed wetting and I ended up paying $1,600 for blood work, urinalysis, and in the end all I got was a diagnosis of urinary incontinence. So, definitely would love to handle this on my own if possible! Thanks in advance!

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