OFFICIAL ear cropping/tail docking debate thread

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Postby vicarious » Mon Feb 11, 2013 4:20 pm

barbponys wrote:I agree Sarah.

I'm waiting for someone to make it vogue for people to start cropping their ears. Or notching them to identify with particular "groups".
Sounds barbaric doesn't it? Kind of like branding, pretty extreme but if someone wants to, what ever. The difference is, we have self awareness and can choose to do it. Dogs don't, they just have to deal with the fact that their human likes to cut ears off. I don't have a problem with those of you who have done it, I like the look of cropped ears but I couldn't do it............. I just can't inflict pain on my dog for asthetics.

I know this post is from 2004 but I thought I would point out that people actually DO crop their ears although it is called "pointing" --
My husband has gauged ears (only 1/2 inch) and it was a relatively painless process.
I am not against cropping as long as it is done by an experienced vet with anasthetic. Docking doesn't bother me either.

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Re: OFFICIAL ear cropping/tail docking debate thread

Postby Das Disco » Mon Mar 18, 2013 1:32 pm

I am not edcuated enough to really know of all the pros and cons to having these procedures done, but i figured i would chime in :D

I dont mean to get weird here but I want to compare this kind of thing to a procedure like a circumcision. A lot of people say that it has healthy benefits while others are content and feel the opposite.

The revelance is this: Are there any actual (proven) pros to having the ears cropped and tail docked on a dog?

If yes... Then I would love to hear more about the procedure and its benefits.

If no... Well lets first consider the fact that the dog itself does not give two chocolate about its own appearence (other than its own personal hygiene. With that being said, I am not sure why this procedure is even considered acceptable.

Honestly guys, I get it. The human desire for perfection and image... From kennel clubs and dog shows to the guys that just want their dog to have that "pit look" or whatever. None of it is beneficial to the dog and I feel uneasy about the thought of taking a knife to an animal and trying to customize it like its a hot rod or something.

I dont want to bash anyone here that believes in having these procedures done though... Seriously. I am sure that many owners that have had these things done are nice people and superb dog owners.

I am not sure how much pain and discomfort is caused to the dog if done by a professional nor the social and health aspects afterwards so this is my gray area.

Personally, I will not be having these procedures done to my pup. I am satisfied with what years of evolution have provided and think my pup is perfect in every way.

When it comes to my "image", I will leave the customizing to my motorcycle :beer:

I leave you with what has already been said in this thread:

Consider Your Pets Feelings.. Its a living thing that can feel pain. A pet is not fashion statement.

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Re: OFFICIAL ear cropping/tail docking debate thread

Postby loophole » Fri Mar 29, 2013 2:01 pm

Does it look cool? IMO Yes, it looks awesome... is it humane and worthwhile to the dog? IMO no. Ear cropping also makes the dog look meaner IMO which doesn't necessarily help with the BSL. A dog is your animal. It's also your responsibility to take care of it. Ear cropping all though a very minimal surgery could lead to a very bad thing for the dog. People get their noses peirced, their ears stretched etc.. to look "cool". It is however THEIR choice. If you can't ask the dog if he wants to have his body modified then you shouldn't do it. Pitbulls were made to have their look and they do. Any modification should be looked upon poorly IMO. If your getting a Pit to look cool or mean.. your getting it for the wrong reasons. The dog can't look in a mirror and say man I look cool. Its not a self esteem booster for the dog 8) ... Just is for the person... Yeah your the owner, agreed... but I think you should be a responsible owner and do whats best for your pet. If you adopt a dog with cropped ears.. good, that is great, that shouldn't be the reason you pick one dog over the other though.. this is all IMO so don't :fire: 8)

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Re: OFFICIAL ear cropping/tail docking debate thread

Postby loophole » Fri Mar 29, 2013 2:04 pm

This dog was the original "gangster" IMO and check out his ears. :D Petey. A little rascal. haha


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Re: OFFICIAL ear cropping/tail docking debate thread

Postby picara » Fri Jun 14, 2013 11:01 pm

My Horace has to have an ear amputated. It's an 'aggressive' attack on what's left of a mast cell tumor. So he'll get a crop on one ear. I CANNOT imagine that any of the surgeons at the vet-specialist practice would take a dog's ear for any reason other than to protect his health. They won't take the healthy ear. I'm not going to ask, but if I did I'm sure I'd get stink-eye and a curt refusal, as I would deserve from a responsible vet who respects the profession, the mission, and the patient over the human and the cheap dirty green dollars.

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Re: OFFICIAL ear cropping/tail docking debate thread

Postby Graham » Sat Mar 22, 2014 11:00 am

I personally feel that it is unnecessary & cruel. I feel that altering their ears or tail does not serve a medical purpose. When I adopted my dog, I had to sign a contract saying that I would never do those things to her. I would never plan to anyway. She looks great just the way she is!

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Re: OFFICIAL ear cropping/tail docking debate thread

Postby Jamie&Jessie » Wed Jun 11, 2014 4:59 pm

I'm glad to find this thread because I was/am so confused.
A guy came up to me on the street basically demanding that I cut my dog's ears. When I asked him nicely WHY I should cut my dog's ears he couldn't explain.

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