Just DA or maybe some fear aggression too? (long)

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Just DA or maybe some fear aggression too? (long)

Postby PittiMama03031 » Tue Dec 02, 2008 10:32 am

hi, I"ve already posted about the situation I am having with Moose and my neighbors dog. I wanted to get some opions on whether anyone things it might be fear aggression that is causing Moose to go after the other dog. Here is what has happened before when they have had run ins.

The first time they met they got into it. I posted about it then. Here's the link
Thhttp://www.pitbullforum.com/viewtopic ... ighlight=e

I am going to try to explain as best I can how Moose reacts other dogs, as well as how he reacts to the lab.

Okay first his typical reaction when he sees another dog, his tail is usally wagging, no growiling, but he is excited, and whining, he usually either bows, or lays down all the way, and then tries to run over to see the other dog, which I don't let him do, because their owners are not outside to give permission, and i don't like letting Moose that close to other dogs anyway. Most of my neighbors let their dogs roam, and Moose has been approached before by strange dogs, but they usually keep their distance. however just a few weeks ago, I was walking Moose, and this little dog came barreling out of his yard, barking, growling, and snapping at Moose, who's reaction was to lay down, and look at him as if to say "what is wrong with you?" While I needed to go home and change my undies, because I pictured a totally different outcome.

Now here's what has happened a few times before, I usually spot the lab first, and I freak out. I know that is the worse thing I could possibly do, and I am trying to work on staying calm in those situations. So, I see the lab, and I try to get Moose in the house before the lab spots us. Usually they spot each other a the same time. Moose freezes, and he makes no sounds at all. The lab usually stops and looks at Moose for a second, and then runs full out right at him. No barking from either and then if I am not close enough to the house to drag Moose inside before the lab reaches him, they get into it.

The thing I can't understand is the lab never gets hurt, which I thank god for, but I really don't understand how it's possible. It looks horrible when it's happening, but there is never any damge done to the lab. Now, before anyone thinks that I take this lightly, believe me i don't. I have tried to do everything I could in the past to avoid them ever seeing each other, but I have to let my dog out to go to the bathroom, and that is when this would happen. I probably made the wrong decision not to keep Moose muzzled after the first incident, but i had him evaluated and he didn't show any signs of aggression towards any of the dogs he was tested with. They usually kept the lab in the yard with an electric fence, but occasionally he would escape. If i saw him out in my yard, I would just keep Moose in the house all day, and put papers down for him to go to the bathroom on, because i didn't want to take the chance. When they started just letting the lab roam around all day, which started a few weeks ago, I started muzzling Moose everytime I took him out.

So does anyone think maybe it's some fear aggression? I am going to take proper precatuions regardless, because aggression is aggression. I just wanted to ssee what others thought, and maybe find out how their dogs would react in that situation.

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Postby Leslie H » Tue Dec 02, 2008 6:30 pm

It doesn't sound like fear aggression from what you've described. More like your dog is selectively DA, or, he knows that the lab is aggressive, and responds in kind. He is probably standing w/his weight forward, almost tip toe on his front legs, ears forward, tail rigid and upright. He's responding confidently to an aggressive challenge.

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