Thank you Tiva for the recall help!!

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Thank you Tiva for the recall help!!

Postby Jazzy » Sun May 10, 2009 4:52 pm

I was going to shoot you a pm; then I figured maybe someone else can I thought I'd post.

Some of you may remember my recall woes:

Tiva gave me excellent advice; except that I didn't listen to it at first. I fixated on doing the exercises a certain number of times; and all I could think was "How is this going to help? I've been doing recall exercises till I'm blue in the face...I take the line off recall"!!! :twisted:

I just could not get out of "training mode" and make it fun. She told me how to do it; but it didn't register. And when she talked about the "chase games" - I thought to myself (I'm sorry, but I did :oops: ), "Well. that's stupid If she's chasing me then how is that a come???? I had a serious mental block.

And I was getting absolutely no where. Until I saw another thread; and someone referenced my thread, and I think Tiva (bless her heart) gave the same advice, only this time I registered the "make it fun" part...and I said, "Oh screw it!! I'll try it!"

I forgot about "training", I didn't even care if the stupid dog came or not :tongue: ; I just played recall games, I called her and ran and she chased me, I hid on her and she came and found me, I laughed and played and we had fun.

Which is when I started to notice something so subtle, it was almost imperceptible. When I called her and she came; she seemed happy to do so. I oculdn't put my finger on it; because when we did obedience exercises and she came - which she almost always did except for when I wanted her to come in the @#$% house...- she always came running. So it wasn't so much that she was coming faster per se; but that (and here's where I thought I may be delusional) there seemed to be a spring in her step. She seemed really happy to be coming.

So I took a chance. I totally didn't think it would work. I took the line off. I was prepared for her not to come. I made sure I did it at a time when I had plenty of time to wait her out and try to get her in the house when she didn't come. Took her out, played some recall games, did our usual thing; called her to come in the house for good...and she came; with a spring in her step! I nearly fell over.

I was thoroughly convinced it was a fluke. But over the past 2 days I have not put the line back on. I have taken her out, still played a few fun recall games here and there mixed in with our other games...and she has consistently come in the house of her own volition when called!!!!!

I need to rememeber to keep up the games and keep it fun...but for now:


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Postby Amie » Sun May 10, 2009 4:57 pm


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Postby Siberian » Sun May 10, 2009 7:36 pm

This is awesome!! You can apply this approach to other things as well :)

"Fun" is a big part of training. I have learned it a hard way myself. When training (for sports), Sheba would comply, and do what was asked of her, but it all was so mechanical. She did not have that spark, or spring ih her step :) she did not have fun. She was actually afraid to relax and have fun with those exercises, because I was always so strict about obedience. Naturally, she could never be a great competition dog without that spark.

I had to really break my way of thinking, and build it again. We are both better because of it.

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Postby tiva » Sun May 10, 2009 9:56 pm

That's great! I'm glad it worked for you! Thank Patricia McConnell--I took her family dog class 13 years ago, before she got famous, and that's the main thing I remember from it: make recalls a fun game, not an exercise.

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Postby IamNicki » Mon May 11, 2009 2:10 pm

YAY for Veronica (and you!!)!!!!

I missed the first thread, but I just got a laugh in reading it. Ms. V. cracks me up!

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