Angel's obedience update!

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Angel's obedience update!

Postby arlene2010 » Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:48 pm

So we've just finished Angels two week shut down, and am now clicker conditioning, got threw the initial "clicker means good doggy" step, the first thing i wanted him to relate it with is going OUTSIDE to go potty, i reward him seperatly (poo and pee) and give him a click and a treat after each squat. he seems to get it pretty quick, i just started this yesterday and he is already getting busy within five minutes of taking him out each time, compared to the 20 minutes he was taking before hand. The only problem is, johnathan has related potty time with play time, so everytime johnathan takes him out, like when i'm not around or in the mornings, he doesn't do anything for him, he just wants to play and maybe pees once because of excitement. he handles it differently with me, he knows i mean buisness so to speak. he does get seperate play time aside from when i am wanting him to go potty, like after he gets done, i let him play around until he hits the front steps to go in as if he's over it, lol.

Another thing is, my fiance has never actually raised a puppy, i mean he's had dogs but they never lasted long because his parents moved alot and had to rehome them. so he doesnt quite understand that this puppy has no clue what he IS and is NOT supposed to be doing and he gets a little aggrevated with angel. i try to explaine to him that these things come in time, i mean this family, home, other pets etc are all still very new to him, and that he is still pretty green on obedience. he's like well why is there 3 piles of poop in the house? well honey it's our fault not his, i mean we ARE still training the little booger, and he's STIll learning. he always thinks i am making up escuses for angel. i believe that any wrong doing of a dog is not the dogs fault AT ALLLLL, it's the owners fault for not being consistant enough to prevent and correct those behaviors. dogs only know what we teach them. any advice on how i could further explaine this to my fiance without making him feel "deedeedee". because he's not stupid, i think he just doesn't understand that there are going to be alot of trial and errors when it comes to having new any new pet, puppy or grown in the home. my brain hurts when i try to explaine it because it comes out sounding like a "know it all" or like i'm finding excuses for angel.

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