On a killing spree :(

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Re: On a killing spree :(

Postby si senor » Mon Jul 18, 2011 1:24 am

Just wanna say one more thing !

The field my dog was in, is not a public place !! its a secure area where normally no dogs are allowed ....

Its some kinda facillity ,and the security gave me a copy of the gate so i can go with my own dogs there ...
my mom works at this place so... the two german sheppards must have been to the normally locked gate

so its not in a puplic place where all the dogs are walking ,or playing ... maybe i should have told you guys this since everyone is talking about a public place .

wasnt a public place

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Re: On a killing spree :(

Postby Shoshana » Mon Jul 18, 2011 3:25 pm

It sounds like security gave a key to the owners of the GSD also. So this facility where dogs aren't allowed has security that routinely lets dogs play in their field? Will anyone get into trouble because of this?

After reading all of the posts (and taking into account I have limited history with DA dogs) I think you mostly did everything you could do. Of course hindsight is 20-20.

From what I got out of your post it sounds like the GSDs were also DA (they snapped at your DA dog while your dog was leashed). You did the right thing leashing her when you saw them coming.

When we have unleashed dogs approaching Peanut, we get in front of Peanut and yell at the dogs to go away, go home etc. That has worked for us all but one time and the time it didn't, DH had to cross a road (he was walking her around the neighborhood) and when the dog tried to follow, a man in a big SUV saw what was going on and blocked the dog with his truck! Some kind of anti dog spray might be something to look into. I don't know what is legal where you are though.

I think I read on a reply something about picking your dog up to get it away from the other dogs - I have read that is a bad idea because the dogs will jump on you to get to your dog if they are intent on getting your dog. I wouldn't pick up Peanut (I can, easily, she is only 45 lb) but she would wiggle too much and I wouldn't be able to hold on.

In your case you were dealing with idiot owners who sound scared of their own dogs.

One one hand I can see why you dropped the leash. On the other hand, now the dog you are dog sitting is out of your control.

The muzzle is a good idea to keep her from biting another dog but won't help if other dogs go after her.

I don't think it was your fault - it was the fault of the owners of the GSDs that were loose and ran up and snapped at the dog you were walking. The only thing I can see you could have done differently is not dropped the leash but that is only in the legal sense that you couldn't have been at fault because you had the dog on leash. In truth, there is no telling what would have happened if you hadn't dropped the leash.

I'd still be careful wading into a dog fight by yourself - especially if there are multiple dogs.

The only advice I can think of is if you can go back to that place, tell security to please not let any other dogs in while you are there and if they have to let someone else in make sure they know to keep far away from you and the dog.

In addition - I'd not only yell 'Leash your dog" I'd yell "My dog is NOT friendly and HATES other dogs Get your dog"!

Oh, at keep the dogs separate at home.

How long will you be watching this dog anyway?

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Re: On a killing spree :(

Postby PitbullLover* » Sat Jul 23, 2011 12:03 pm

I'm from holland if you need some help or advice, you can PM me.

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Re: On a killing spree :(

Postby si senor » Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:25 am

Hi shoshana !

First of all thanks a lot, for the effort you put in your mesg .

I didnt followed it up this topic ,No nobody was getting in to trouble ,same for the security.

I asked the owner of my visit dog ,who was on holiday's to let him or some one pick the dog up ,because it was over my head this dog ,walking around the house (seperated) from my pup (now 6months) .

So after a week his sister and mother came to pick up the dog <This was verry strange to hear for me , because why they didnt take care of the dog in the first place ?

So what i've learned?
First.Always carry something with you that can break up the fight .i got myself some knock out spray (tot illigal ) but what the hack right? i rather pay a fine ,or do some jail time rather then they put the dog to sleep because it could do some seriously damage .

Second. Never let a fixated dog around a happy playfull pup, even when the owner saying ,no dont you worrie man its okay. (just correct them) YEAH RIGHT !!

Third. muzzel up the dog in public places ! Never take the chance ,he could snap to anyone .

Fourth.The authorities may think you could use a dog like a sort kinda weapon and act. it is .
So be a responsible owner and avoid potential danger . After all you know or knew this dog isnt a stabil one.

For me this was a big learning process ,after all this is my first dog i own right now .
Every day i got put in a certain situation where you have to react instantly,so every day is a learning process .

And i am glad i found this website ,such a great source of information ! 2 see how people oversea look at some subjects and training methods .

Thanks to all of ya ,who put some effort in this topic and helping me out on this matter .

Cu around ,


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