Capo had his first close up dog meeting today...

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Capo had his first close up dog meeting today...

Postby mhuxtable » Wed Apr 11, 2012 6:36 pm

So Capo had his first meeting of a dog tonight....I wasn't excited about it (I don't think he's quite ready yet). A girl at the coffee shop brought her lab/hound mix right over to us...and told us she had JUST picked him up from the pound TODAY. oh geez....don't get me started. She had good intentions though....anyway.

Capo did ok. He was a little TOO interested, and bulked up a little. The dog got all in Capo's privates & he snapped a bit. The other dog just wanted to be friends/play you could tell, but his tail was all the way down....he was just really nervous & timid. Capo on the other hand was more confident & I don't think he was a fan.....I could feel him grumbling through the collar. No growling or snarling though, so that was good.

All in all, I think he did "ok"....not great, but it wasn't a total disaster....where we were sitting I couldn't get up & try to facilitate a better meeting situation. It was nose to nose pretty quickly. We left as soon as I felt him grumbling...he was getting a bit perturbed it seemed? Hopefully his next dog meeting will be more controlled & planned & we can do it the right way....with a walk & lots of treats & distractions.

Jillian made the good point on the way home that "you can't control every situation" which is very true. And considering the circumstances, I think we did well & handled it as best we could. I was hoping the experience would be just more exposure time & less dog fact we passed right by a dog that was sitting on the way to our seet & neither of them paid much I KNOW he can handle being around dogs, but meeting one so intimately needs to be more controlled next time.

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Re: Capo had his first close up dog meeting today...

Postby afrikaPB » Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:46 pm

I usually handle those approaches by telling the person approaching that my dog is in training and isn't allowed to meet other dogs, while they are still a ways away. I used to say "My dog isn't friendly" but that felt like bad press (and isn't even remotely true). Even if it means me looking like a dolt if the person had no intention of letting their dog near mine and hustles past, I don't like unplanned/cornered meetings, and I hate rude dog walkers/owners. Glad Capo did relatively well.

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