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Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2012 6:30 am
by ReddyRoo
Hi Everyone,

My name is Jennifer and I have a 7 year old English Bulldog, Pitbull Mix. I've always loved pitbulls but never would have wanted to own one, because I am not a firm handler and didnt think I was capable of managing a dog that became dog aggressive. When I got Hankie I was told he was an english bulldog /border collie mix.

Anyways when i first got all of my dogs I was working at a vets office and was making alot more money then i am now and I didnt have kids. Now I am the single mom of a 5 year old little boy and have been laid off 3 times due to the economy. I was recently laid off in july of 2012 and couldnt find another job for 7 months. I took a significant pay cut but it was the only job I could find.

Well now i am having a hard time paying my rent and all the utilities plus feed my son, ive had numerous people tell me rent a room from someone and have had several offers from friends to let me stay in a spare room but everyone says I cant bring the dog. i cant do that to hankie and i will never do that to my hankie, i would stay in my car before I gave him up.

So I am posting on here to see if anyone knows of a trainer who would be willing to work with me on some very small
payments and help me figure out first if he is actually dog aggressive and second if they could help me train him so that I could rent a room from someone who has other dogs(this is the problem with renting a room my friends all have dogs and know about his dog aggression so they dont want him there because they fear or thier dogs safey)

The reasons I think he is dog aggressive is he always acts like he wants to kill other dogs when out walking , my neighbors had a pit and they asked me to bring my dog over to meet theirs they met outside on leash and things were going really good and then hankie attacked that dog. we were able to stop it before anyone got hurt. and last christmas my neighbors 12 year old daughter used to takeb my beagle Freddy out for walks so on christmas day she came to walk him i told my mom(who was visiting from out of state)that she can only walk Freddy i then take a quick shower and get out and realize that freddy was home but no hankie. i asked where hankie was and she said freddy didnt want to walk the little rl so she let her take hankie. i ran out side saw the walking in front of our apts and was on her way back everything looked fine. well i guess the girl relaxed her hold on him when she saw me and the next thing i know hankie is running past me with his head low to the ground almost like he stalking somethingl he ran around the side of a car and attacked a littl shi-zu. i went right over there and grabbed his leash and he stopped immediately and sat quietly next to me while i was talking to the neighbors. He did not hurt the shi-zu at all no puncture wounds, or sprains and no scratches. If he really was dog aggressive wouldnt he have hurt this dog?

Back to the reason for this post, I really need to get myself into cheaper living and the only way to do that is rent a room so if someone knows of a trainer that would take love payments and would help me with my dog I would really appreciate it.

Sorry if this doesnt make sense of if I rambled on a bit its just early morning i couldnt sleep and wanted to get this posted also sorry for the typos and grammer mistakes!

Thank you in advance for any help that you can give to me and Hankie,

Here are some pictures of my boy!


Re: help!

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2012 6:32 am
by ReddyRoo
i forgot to mention i live in southern california, huntington beach

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Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:40 pm
by Ilovethepits
I suggest sending a PM to Red and/or Stormi. Both can direct you to a certified behaviorist that can help you.

I want to tell you to keep the faith and you are a wonderful person for not giving up on Hankie!!

Re: a little more info on the help I need with Hankie

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:46 am
by ReddyRoo
Oh I would never give up on any animal I owned at one point I had a beagle named Flash who I adopted when he was ten, a beagle named Frankie who was 4 when I adopted him, then I bought a beagle puppy Freddy who was 6 weeks old(didn't know at the time that was too young to take a puppy) and a German Shepard that I rescued when he was 8 years old he was at the animal hospital I worked at and he had had back surgery but never walked again and his owner was elderly and couldn't lift him so I took him home with me and I lived in an upstairs two bedroom apartment at the time! So I had my 3 beagles the handicapped GSD and also 5 rescue cats one of which was diabetic and required injections 2x daily. I also kind of adopted the GSD previous owner he was in his 80s and lived in Baldwin Park and had a lot of health problems and couldn't come see the dog so once a week I would take the dog there to visit him and take him grocery shopping and do whatever else he needed help with!

I can only imagine what my neighbors must have thought seeing me coming down the stairs with three beagles and carrying the back end of the GSD down the stairs and then putting him and a canine cart and off the 5 of us would go for a 2 mile walk twice daily. I used to pray every time we went down those stairs that the dogs wouldn't see a cat because if they did the beagles would start howling and pulling and the GSD would do those obnoxious screeching thing (I'm thinking he was trying to howl like the beagles) and he would start pulling with his front legs so the four of them would be dragging me down the stairs while I'm holding up the GSD back end, it was so scary I am shocked I never fell down those stairs! After a few months the GSD was able to start using his back legs, he was never 100 percent but could walk short distances without his cart. It was a lot of work but I wouldn't have given up any of them. When I adopted the dogs one of the questions on the application was why would you give up one of your pets and I told them I wouldn't unless I died.

Ok now back to Hankie, I live with my son and Hankie in a one bedroom apartment and because of Hankies dog aggression I cant walk him because I am too afraid of walking him with my son and having a dog fight break out and my son get hurt(I dont have anyone to watch my son) I live on a street that is a tiny circle and the two neighbors who live above me both have little dogs one is a doxie chi mix and the other is a doxie and they let them run downstairs with leashes on, two buildings down from mine their are two english bulldogs that the owners let out without leashes and a jrt lives in the same building and the guy lets him run around off leash. then two buildings down on the other side of me is a lady who lets her pit bull run loose all the time and this dog is always running over to the grass by my apartment. So its near impossible to walk out of this circle without bumping into an off leash dog.

When I have someone available to watch my son late at night I will take Hankie in the car to a parking lot and walk him around. So really now the only exercise this poor dog is getting is playing ball in my apartment, he used to get more exercise playing with my beagle Freddy but Freddy died a little over a year ago and now Hankie doesn't have anyone to run around with except for me.

So I'm not sure if its his lack of exercise that is making him seem dog aggressive or if it is that he is really dog aggressive. another thing about Hankie is he is afraid of everything and I'm wondering if he is maybe afraid of the other dogs and that is why he attacks them?

I really wish I would have found this website 7 years ago when I got Hankie I would have done things much differently First off I got him at 6 weeks old I wouldnt have done that and then my biggest mistake which I feel horrible about because of my ignorance Hankie suffers with no exercise, is that I used to take him to the dog park when he was like 6 months old. He would race around and be a spaz and the other dogs would pick on him and I think that could have started his fear and that is why he attacks other dogs.

Like I mentioned in my previous post I was recently laid off and found a job after 7 months, but my son's father(we aren't together but he helps me out financially alot) was working at the same company as me and he also was laid off, he still hasn't been able to find a job and is on his last extension of unemployment which runs out in 15 weeks, if he does I will be forced to move and rent a room from somebody. I really need help from someone who can maybe see how bad Hankie' dog aggression is or even if he is dog aggressive. I am willing to pay or drive to where ever I need to I would just need someone willing to take payments. If anyone knows of a good trainer that will take payments please please let me know, Im so stressed out because if we have to move and I dont have Hankie trained then my son will have to go live with his father and Hanke ad I will have to live in my car and I don't want to be without either of my babies!

My sons father keeps telling me I have to find Hankie another home and look how cute he
is he will find a home fast I try to explain to him that there are so any pit bulls pit mixes at the shelter and on craigslist that there aren't enough homes from them and that most of them don't leave the shelter, and I don't want to teach my son that animals are animals are disposable.

thank you for reading and again Id appreciate all help that can be given

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Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2012 10:35 am
by pblove
you could also try comntacting BadRap and see if they know of anyone in your area. I wish you the best with Hankie and thank you for not givin g up on him.

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Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:52 am
by Nickdawg
here's a link to some bad rap area resources

Re: help!

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 6:54 pm
by ReddyRoo

Thank you for your responses! I was wondering since there aren't any behaviorists that take payments is dog aggression something I could work with Hankie on myself? I was looking to see if there is a sticky on it but didnt see one. I know this is something that could take a long time to work on but Id really like to start trying so if I do have to move it will be easier to get a room for rent with him and also so he can be a happier dog and get to go out for more walks and Id love to possibly get him in an agility class but I know we wouldn't be able to do that for a while.

I was going to get a clicker and some chicken or something and take him for a walk and when we see a dog should I just have him sit and watch me and just keep giving him treats? If anyone could give me some suggestions on how to start doing this on my own and also let me know if its not something I should try on my own Id really appreciate it!

Thanks so much!


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Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 7:03 pm
by Curly_07
Like stated above, you should PM Red and/or Stormi here on the forum. They have a ton of experience with this and are awesome!

Re: help!

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 8:31 pm
by ReddyRoo
I tried sending a PM but it wouldnt send its just sitting in my outbox. can someone tell me how to send one please?

Re: help!

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 8:55 pm
by starrlamia
ReddyRoo wrote:I tried sending a PM but it wouldnt send its just sitting in my outbox. can someone tell me how to send one please?

It will be in your outbox until the person reads it. Good luck!

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