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Behaviorist in Illinois

Postby creiter » Sun Apr 14, 2013 6:41 pm

Hello all, I am hoping for help finding a behaviorist in Bloomington or Normal Illinois. Duke has shown huge improvements in some areas, but he still puts on a very scary display the first time he meets someone. Constantly feeling overwhelmed by this... classes are not cutting it, they don't seem to be improving his behavior any further :( We will keep taking them of course but I'm needing more help :(

The only positive behaviorist I found said they dealt with 'mild aggression' and in my opinion that gives me the feeling they don't really do great with reactive dogs... Duke is sweet and gentle and never aggressive except towards strangers the first meeting, and unfortunately the display he puts on I feel is more than mild aggression. I would love an extremely positive behaviorist who won't fear my dog or judge him... does that sound silly... And I am worried I won't find someone with reactive experience in town :( Any ideas or suggestions of websites I can check out? Google was resulting in nothing, save in Chicago, which is way out of my range and budget. Feeling hopeless...

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