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Re: whining - excited/dominant dog

Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 1:02 am
by Nickdawg
the only thing I would add is I would consider shorter training sessions and replace that time with exercise, and see where that takes you...

Re: whining - excited/dominant dog

Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 1:11 am
by eddiewouldgo
oh this "dominant" word. how you've damned this thread.

while i appreciate the tidal wave of links... in one article she even admits she has been with a dog who's humping was status related. it's only studies. i'm sharing my study with you. i have helped train multiple other dogs and have not seen this issue. i truly believe it to be status/dominant related when it relates to my dog. if that is my case... where do i go from here? hell if it isn't, like you all say, where do i go from here?

i just wanted some fresh ideas for training at the door and seeing why he challenges most all of my guests. i appreciate the advice so far! i've exhausted all of my known resources (bacon, liver, reorienting, tennis ball, tug, respect for myself and others). i think maybe i'm just putting to much pressure on him in general to perform while others are around. my expectations are high. i'm only adding to the anxious energy. i'll hire another behaviorist. there's something i'm doing wrong/missing.

i've read the first 3-4 articles of the material you have all linked along with many many many more over the last few years. i will finish the rest tonight. i seriously can't get enough! i am very appreciative of all of your enthusiasm towards my issue, thank you for your links! :thumbsup:

Re: whining - excited/dominant dog

Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 1:17 am
by eddiewouldgo
Nickdawg wrote:the only thing I would add is I would consider shorter training sessions and replace that time with exercise, and see where that takes you...

not a bad idea. maybe part of the problem is we're always training and that pressure to perform constantly around people is too much. especially since he's so fond of socializing. i'm going to tap the brakes on training and focus on more bonding/exhaustion type activities. probably lot's of walks in a busy places to get him used to knowing that people aren't such a big deal after all? now if i could only figure out how to improve his manners with his fellow dog, hehe! thanks again!

Re: whining - excited/dominant dog

Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 9:16 pm
by GoingPostal
"i won't even let him interact with a guest until he's finally calm. it's only a matter of seconds before it all goes downhill. i can only keep him calm for so long. i can own the house for 20 minutes then he'll just decide to get testy with whomever he pleases the minute my backs turned. i have scolded so many of my guests for getting him all jacked up with their high pitch voices and eye contact."

What do you mean by testy and challenging your guests? One of my dogs has no impulse control whatsoever, everything new throws him into mass overexcitement and he'll jump all over people trying to say hello. Any attention given to him just ramps him up, even if you get him calm enough to stop trying to jump and lick people, they can't really pet him or even talk to him without him taking that as an invite to get in their lap. What worked best for us is giving him something to do, his favorite chew, a bully stick, stuff kong. With his mouth busy and something else to focus on, he will go lay down and leave people alone.

Otherwise he is gated off in my kitchen but he will whine and sing his woe song, he's a very nervous and submissive dog and hates to be away from the action. We were making good progress teaching him a place to go, heavily treated for staying put, he is a lot better overall as long as you can keep his attention on you and grab his before he loses it. Adding dog #3 kind of pushed his training to the side since at this point it's just easier to put the dogs behind the gate for a bit until they have calmed if people come over.

He'll also hump my younger female if he is too pent up and doesn't know what to do or if he's feeling off, he's medicated for his allergies right now and is super humpy and phenobarb had the same effect on him a couple years ago. Humping is a fairly new behavior for him overall, he's 7 now and only picked it up a couple years ago. We just try to catch him before he starts or correct him verbally if he does. It takes time, have patience.

Re: whining - excited/dominant dog

Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 6:02 pm
by eddiewouldgo
just an update : he has shown tremendous strides in this short week (really though, it's me). i let loose the reigns and went back to studying his behavior. he truly is a unique dog. he has to be able to express himself otherwise it builds up into tense anxiety that he let's flash in short violent burst's.

i've had 3 of my favorite guests stop by on three different days and he passed with flying colors when i stop expecting a flawless performance. he'd sniff for 1 minute then go about his own business. i also trained my guests a bit better on how to deal with this issue and all of them responded well to my requests. i really think the build up constantly was to much for him to bear. we also visited his favorite hound friends and he still needs to learn a bit of restraint there, but none the less he is very trustworthy. we're doing much better and moving forward with schutzhund.

thank you all once again for your helpful comments!