Agressive with visitors

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Agressive with visitors

Postby Backspacer » Tue Apr 22, 2014 4:58 am

Hi guys!
I'm needing help with my pup, he's showing a behavior that he's never shown before.
Since we moved he's been acting agressivly towards visitors at our home.

I'll give you some background:
We previously lived with my 4 siblings, my mom and step-dad, and another dog (who we owned before getting the pup)
Bruce has never been uncomfortable with strange people, always wagging his tail and wanting to greet everybody, inside the home, in the park, the street, my shop, etc.
We moved recently, he now lives with me and my room mate and has a lot more space.
But this last couple of weeks, everytime someone came home (the new home) he would run to them, and try to bite them (not really bite, he kind of grabs at them with his front teeth, not hard enough to puncture but hard enough to leave a bruise). He doesn't bark or growl, he just goes after them. I tell him off and send him to his bed and he obeys and stays there. After some times he acts as though the guests aren't even there, maybe comes close enough to sniff but doesn't attemp anything more. He even accepts traits and lets himself being petted. Even he lays down next to the guest. But if the person moves from their place, say to go to the bathroom, he goes at them again.
I though that maybe he decided he didn't like these people, but then if he meets them in the street he's really happy to see them and play with them. Even in the shop, he's fine with people coming and going, petting him, cuddling him, playing.
Bruce is almost 8 months old now, and I'd like to find the cause for this new behavior now that it just started (less than 2 weeks)

I talked with a few different trainers, but their solution was to hit the dog when he tried to bite or use a choking collar. Options that I strongly disagree with, I never physhically punished any dog of mine, and I won't start now.
This totally baffled me, since I had many rescue dogs who were dog agressive, human agressive, or both. But never with this kind of behavior, it's like he's two completely different dogs!
He was able to bite only one persone, but for me that's more than enough.

I'll appreciate any input you have in this, and I'll keep looking for a trainer who is not a neanderthal.

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