Breaking up a fight with 2 or 3 dogs

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Re: Breaking up a fight with 2 or 3 dogs

Postby MkatUmich » Mon Apr 23, 2012 12:28 am

mommy2kane wrote:
chinchi_&_chupa wrote:
mommy2kane wrote:I can't imagine even TRYING to pry a jaw open.

Please don't...I did and I thought I lost half of one of my fingers and sticking my hands in his mouth was the only reason I was bit by my Pit Bull - our other dog, a border collie, bit me at least 10 times. It was my initial reaction to my first experience with ANY dogs fighting and a really bad idea. I've only had to pull my Pit Bull off another dog once since then and I just used his collar to choke him...normally they will let go of the other dog before they go out completely...think doggy version of a rear-naked choke - as long as you don't keep choking them after they've let go there's no significant damage.

Sorry, my post probably wasn't clear. I was moreso in awe at the person who said they pryed their dog's jaw open. That wouldn't happen or WORK with any of my dogs. I highly doubt that would work on any super serious dog. Precisely what a breakstick is for, but even those are difficult for me. So choking a dog off is my go-to method, and what I've done when needed.

Should clarify the whole thing was a blur and I was terrified of what my dogs where doing to each other and my adrenaline was sky high. I actually remember seeing my dog bite my hand (not the one who I think I grabbed his jaws, the other who was lashing out) thinking that this was a positive because if she was biting my hand she wasn't biting Gauge so they should be easier to seperate. Of course even when I did get Gauge off her she still lunged for his paw, then we got them completely seperated and Starry ran off scared while Gauge sat there panting and wagging his tail. Gauge isn't small either, 66 lbs last vet check, he is the blue in my pic. Fortunately i'm fit (I work at a gym so no excuses) and my neighbor has to be pushing 300 lbs, so we were able to make up for not knowing what we were doing, just got some scars for our trouble.

And in case anybody is wondering, Starry and Gauge are currently sharing the couch both passed out.

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Postby eglejo » Mon Jun 06, 2016 2:13 am

pits-r-luv wrote:If there is nothing handy to tie a dog off, use the car door. Put the leash in the door and slam it shut. It will work long enuf to get them apart, I have had to do that on one occasion.

And how get two fighting dogs near by the car? Drag them? But it will make a lot of more damage to one, who is bitten at..

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