Need to Rehome (APBT in Central PA)

Why buy from a breeder when there are plenty of homeless pups in shelters???
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Need to Rehome (APBT in Central PA)

Postby mshill90 » Thu Apr 14, 2011 11:56 pm

I hope this is in the right section...

2 years ago I rescued Felix, a tan and white 35 lb APBT. He was 4 months old when I took him in.

He was born in the local Humane Society when his mother was seized from a dog fighting house. He was from a litter of 6. 3 of which died from Parvo before even getting adopted out.

He was adopted out by a couple, but he wasn't very well loved. At 4 months, he developed a skin condition. His hair started falling out, he became hot to the touch, and his skin would often ooze and get infected. His owners were taking him to the vet every 12 days for ivermectin shots, and mitaban dips- they believed it was demodex mange. It became too costly for them to continue treatments, so they had 2 options.. give him to a good home, or put him to sleep.

Seeing, as they said he had demodex mange, I took him in. I took him to my vet, and he was scraped and scoped and he was mite free, so mange was crossed off the list.

He was given antibiotics, and sent home..

His skin never got better- but during the summer he gets his fur, and he's not oozing. He looks pretty normal. But for 9 months of the year, he's hairless and oozing.. I have finally got him to the point where he's not oozing, and his skin is very soft, but still not much hair. He's also got a cough/vomit issue. I was told this could have been caused by parvo and kennel cough exposure as a puppy.

He's had blood panels done, and 3 vets have said he's healthy, except... his skin.

I've placed him on holistic diets, Raw diet- I've added oils, and vitamins to his food.. nothing helps. The only food that he seems to do well on both skin, and digestive is Iams believe it or not. I have tried wellness, TOTW, Diamond, Blue, California Naturals... Ive asked the vet to let me try prednisone for his skin, but they refuse.. they don't seem to understand that it's his quality of life I want to make better- even if the longevity has to be compromised.

I love this dog to death- he's crate trained, house broken, playful when he wants to be, and just very well mannered and calm. He's great with cats, dogs, turtles, rabbits... He's also neutered and UTD on all shots. He did have surgery last summer for entropian, but he's good as new now.

But, I have to find him a new home. I just found out from the courts that I have been awarded custody of my 2 year old nephew, and Felix does not like to be pestered by children. I can not take the chance that this poses. He's fine with older children who know when not to bother him, but he gets nervous, and anxious around smaller children, and that is a sign that he's not comfortable.

The Humane Society told me I have 2 options... bring him back where he will be put down because they can't take the time to deal with his condition.. or find him a new home.

So.. that leaves me here.

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Re: Need to Rehome (APBT in Central PA)

Postby heartbullies » Fri Apr 15, 2011 11:48 am

Hi there! PBF doesn't allow members to post their own dogs for re-homing here, because of all the reasons outlined here:


However, this board is full of creative folks who might hopefully be able to help you keep this dog. It sounds like with his severe health issues coupled with some behavioral/temperament quirks, his best shot in life is with you, rather than to be placed in a neverending tide of unwanted/adoptable shelter pit bulls who may be more appealing to adopters due to their better health or rock-solid temperaments.

I'm going to lock this thread, because of the above and also because it's a duplicate, but I see that in your other thread people have suggested a veterinary behaviorist to help possibly manage your dog's interactions with/reactions to children, which is what I would also recommend. You've invested 2 years into trying to figure out his unusual persistent health issues, far more than the average owner would have done, so doing some baby-gates, crates, tie-downs, and management while working on the behavioral modification issues will hopefully prove almost easier than the ongoing mystery illness.

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