Mildred Drysdale, Beautiful short female, Chattanooga, TN

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Mildred Drysdale, Beautiful short female, Chattanooga, TN

Postby Luna_Redmoon » Wed May 18, 2011 1:32 pm

My earlier post of the new guys with pictures. :)

I have a beautiful, sweet, lovable female pitbull looking mix. She looks like a Welsh Corgi mix but I know for a fact she isnt.
Her mom Pearl (passed) was a sharpei, american bulldog, bull terrier mix. and her father Earl is a shapei, american bulldog mix.
The puppies from this pair couldnt have been a wider range of looks. The litter was named after the Beverly Hillbillies.
Elly May Clampett, Granny, Jed, MILDRED, Jethrine, JETHRO, Daisy, Jane Hathaway, etc. I cant remember all the puppies names lol. There was 11 total, Plus Pearl and Earl the parents.

Miss Millie has the largest most adorable "bat" ears that stand completely up all the way all the time. She is a gorgeous red/brown colour with white markings on her tip of her tail, blaze down her face, chest, and feet. She also has those sexy bedroom eyes where it looks like she has dark black eyeliner. (God I LOVE her eyes lol)

She is small at around 32lbs. Very stocky and muscular naturally. But all she wants is to be in your lap and loved on. She wants to be as close as possible to you. She is a little shy and a tiniest bit skittish at first when she meets you, but she never snaps or tries to bite. Simply let her come to you and let her know you are okay and you will have a best friend for years to come. She likes to go everywhere with you. And is EXTREMELY intelligent.

I have had her about 2 weeks now, and before I got her she was kept outside in a lot. Never wore a collar or leash. Feet never on anything but grass and dirt. The first hour I had her I was able to get a collar on her and a leash. She didnt really freak out... but didnt want to go walk around on leash. Stayed put, would not move. The 2nd day she would move a little, but a little timid and kept looking back as if to say, "Why are you following me you freak?!?" The 3rd day she walks on leash like she has always been on one. Although she has her retarded moments where she will get carried away sniffing and sometimes tie herself up around a tree or something lol. She hasnt figured out that the leash cant move with her.

As mentioned she has been outside most of her life. During the time I have had her she has made great progress. She has even been kennel trained and kinda likes it. She does great with my older female Lou Lou, but she gets nervous around my large male Riley. She gets along great with her brother obviously, though when he annoys her too much she will give him a little nip and then they are good. She is going through heat now, and I plan to get her fixed and microchipped.
If I do these things, her adoption will be about $100 to cover the cost. The money will go to help other dogs and animals affected by the recent storms. Otherwise her adoption will be about $45 and that is just to cover her shots, and to allow a small donation to the animals in need. She is up to date on her shots, and will come with her Rabies tags and papers stating so. I would provide documentation on her other shots but they were done by an at home visit vet and the papers were lost during the storms.

She is a little larger than a Jack Russel Terrier, but not by much. She is very calm, sweet natured. Very loving, loves to give you a few licks on the cheek or neck. LOVES to ride in the car (or truck in our case right now lol). Does alright off leash, but gets scared and may run to a corner in new areas. She will always come when called. I call her Millie, or Mil-Mil.
She gets very affectionate when called Millie lol.

She came at a time when I was going camping so she has been staying with me in a tent. She likes her kennel, but would rather be on the air mattress with me lol. She has only peed in the tent once, and does good on a tie out outside. When Im fishing she doesnt bother the fish or anything at all just sits there calmly sunbathing. DOES NOT LIKE SWIMMING!!! LOL But would gladly watch you do it lol. When giving her a bath you can coax her in the tub before turning on the water and she is fine, or fill a tub, pick her up and sit her in it.

She would be perfect for an elderly lady or couple. Or a first time dog owner. She was raised with my 3 year old little cousin who knew how to treat and handle dogs (i.e. no kicking throwing items or pulling tails) but I have tested myself gently tugging on her ears and tails and toes. She doesnt really seem too bothered by it and will move when it gets to be too much. She will let you look at her teeth. She may need a slight teeth cleaning, but i give her Dentatreats and they seem to be helping. Will try toothbrushing soon. Her teeth are not that bad, but a little plaque is present. Not much.

She is very smart and loves to learn new things. She is more attention motivated. Not really food or toy motivated. She doesnt play with toys but will sometimes engage into play with my older female or her brother, Jethro.
She could be introduced to other pets, but slowly as she is intimidated and may bark or growl. She wont bite or try to fight but would just rather run and hide.

She will hunt mice?? Out at the camp site when on the tie out she stalked and pounced a small field mouse. She didnt eat it but just killed it and left it be. She is also a great watch dog. I can take her with me to the store and leave in her the car. I had a friend she never met try to get in and she would not allow it. She also lets me know when people pull up that I dont hear. As well as she has worked as her brother's ears their whole lives.

She has had 1 puppy in her life. Accidental. And that was the smartest puppy. She knew her name, Sally, by 3 and a half weeks. And is now owned by a family with a 7 year old girl with cerebral palsy (did I spell that right???) and she helps that little girl go through every day life. She will soon be going through service dog training and certification in a few months.

She is a great girl, and I hate to see her leave, I have been blessed to see her grow up and to even keep her during this time. I would love to be able to keep her but situations do not allow. I would like her to go to a caring family to give her the time and love she deserves. She is a perfect little angel and has only been in trouble with me once. And raising your voice is enough to let her know she did wrong. She only wants to please and will do anything possible to do so.

I can put up more pictures on request. I would like to get updates on her well being occasionally. Especially during her first few days and weeks. Also if you cannot keep her I would gladly take her back to prevent her going to the pound.

If you could take her, please let me know. This little girl deserves so much more than what I can give her right now...

Pearl passed away during the storms... :( she will be greatly missed..

I will be keeping the deaf male for fear for him. He can be a little much to handle because he is deaf and needs special handling and training. He will be microchipped and fixed as well. And unless someone could really convince me they could care for him and give him what he needs, I will keep him for the rest of his life. Him and Lou Lou are already best of friends and he will even whine when he cant see me or her.

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