Jessica Rabbit - Flyball prospect!

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Jessica Rabbit - Flyball prospect!

Postby Shelter_dogs » Sat Jan 19, 2013 10:55 am

This dog is currently residing at the shelter I work at. You can contact the shelter directly at 215-238-9901 ext. 30 or

Young female APBT with flyball potential! Great tug drive and ball drive! Will chase down a ball and return it for a tug under heavy distractions (she was completing this with a dog barking through a barrier less than two feet from her path and cats in cages). She is medium size (currently about 30#, will probably mature to be between 35# and 40#) and only about 1 year old! She's also a lovebug! Nice medium energy - not crazy or over the top!

There are no obvious structural issues.

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