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Just networking a couple of dogs

Posted: Mon Dec 23, 2013 7:30 pm
by Amy Hendrickson
Just networking a couple of dogs that we've had for MONTHS.

Sophie - APBT, 41lbs originally came from a dog fighting bust as a puppy. Buckskin, black mask. Really soft, sweet, super people friendly. Excellent therapy dog candidate. Already passed her CGC. Housebroken, crate trained. If she stays longer, I'm going to look into her therapy certification but would rather a new home do this since I am not keeping her. Lives with cats, dogs. Some nervousness around large dogs when greeting but overall still dog social. She will be 3 in March

Bunny - she's a little drivey crackhead needing a sport home. She's house broken, crate trained and good with dogs (submissive and annoying) but will chase cats. Lives with cats and other dogs. She's started taking flyball classes and is a ROCKSTAR! Very food motivated, tug motivated. She's maybe 2 years old, about 33lbs. Black and white. Her ears do crazy things, sometimes they both stand, sometimes they both flop and sometimes they do different things.