Boarding/Training 60073 Area?

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Boarding/Training 60073 Area?

Postby KanersHuman » Mon Apr 21, 2014 8:42 pm

I have a situation where a foster is leaving the country and can no longer take care of a dog that i picked up from an abuse situation. I currently have my dog and another foster at my place. My dog just had knee surgery at Christmas. The foster i have just had knee surgery last week. The 3rd dog, Sadie now needs a place to stay while we wait/hope for an adopter. Sadie:

Sadie is bigger than the two i have at home and built like a tank. We had her for one night and all of our fences and gates and various contraptions are easily defeated by her. I am afraid to bring her into our house right now but i may not have any choice. The two i have at home now are "free range" meaning they don't get crated because they behave themselves. Sadie broke out of the crate she was in about 20 minutes after we put her in.

Long story short my plan (tell me if im crazy) is to find a boarding/training facility that i can enroll Sadie in for 2-4 weeks. She will have a place to live and learn to behave herself. Right now shes the typical 8 month old bundle of no training pitbull crazy. Even if we found another foster or adopter i fear they will be bringing her right back.

I had a boarder/trainer in mind but he just informed me that hes totally full with 2 waiting. Does anyone have a recommendation for a boarding training facility near 60073 (Volo, IL). Willing to travel 45 minutes in any direction. Prefer positive reinforcement. No choke or electronic collars.


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