Nevada bans BSL

Discuss Breed Specific Legislation and local county laws on pit bull ownership.
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Nevada bans BSL

Postby Delene » Fri May 31, 2013 10:57 am ... 56032.html
(notice the dog in the picture, it's not even a pit)

Nevada pit bull lovers, get ready to celebrate.

Governor Brian Sandoval recently signed a bill that will prevent local governments from passing legislation that deems dogs dangerous based solely on their breed.

Breed specific legislation, or BSL, allows cities around the country to seize and kill dogs simply because they appear to belong to a "dangerous breed." Although this affects several dog breeds, pit bulls have historically been targets of the discrimination, according to a petition circulated by the non-profit Incred-A-Bull.

"Basically, I'm being discriminated against and my dogs are being discriminated against because of the way they look," Incred-A-Bull founder Jessica Clemens told ABC Action News. Clemens and members of Best Friends Animal Society led the effort to make the ban a reality.

“Every American who follows the right safety rules as a responsible dog owner should be allowed to own whatever breed of dog they choose," Ledy VanKavage, a senior legislative attorney, is quoted saying in a press release released by Best Friends Animal Society.

According to ABC, Nevada is the 14th state to outlaw BSL. The ban will take effect on October 1.

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Re: Nevada bans BSL

Postby heather » Sun Jul 21, 2013 8:04 pm

and RI is the 15th!

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