Albany GA passing BSL

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Re: Albany GA passing BSL

Postby taurustendency » Thu Feb 27, 2014 1:07 pm

I have absolutely no experience with the fight against bsl. But I've been wanting to join in. There are a bunch of people on here who could better help you, and I'm sure they will chime in. If I were in your place, I would limit the personal feelings. Personal feelings are important, but not as important as the bottom line. Which is, the work involved, the enforcement involved, and of coarse the money. focus on the factors that they actually care about. Show them all the ways that passing it will be more trouble than it's worth for them. Discredit every benefit that they think they will see, by doing this.

one point that I would address is how costly it will be to enforce, while gaining little if not nothing. And try to bring up how it has been proven to be a waste of resources and time, by citing all the places who have passed bsl...and are now getting rid of it. Times have changed, people are becoming more educated on the topic, and they don't need to resort to ignorant and outdated practices in order to make the community feel safe. There are other ways.

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