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Posted: Thu May 03, 2007 12:59 pm
by Itsapitty
Here's the email I sent for the upcoming debate in Massachusetts:

Senator Baddour,
I live in Massachusetts and am a responsible Pit Bull owner who is deeply concerned about legislation that discriminates against specific dog breeds. I saw on the news this morning that as a member of the joint committee on municipalities and regional goverment you will be debating a proposal of banning pit bull ownership or enacting stricter licensing and ownership requirements for certain breeds. I urge you to oppose any legislation that discriminates against individual breeds.

The problem with breed specific legislation (BSL) is that it is aimed at dogs and not at their owners. The truth is any dog has the potential to bite and to be a danger to the community. Laws should be enacted that hold the owners and breeders of all dog breeds responsible for their animals. Breed specific legislation is an ineffective method of reducing dog bites and one that can be very costly to enforce.

Here are a number of resource sites for more information about Pit Bulls and Breed Specific Legislation.

Here are two good examples of legislation that are not breed specific: ... untyVA.pdf ... teofIl.pdf

The Failure of Breed Specific Legislation:

Pit Bull Educational Packet: ... ck_low.pdf

Fatal Dog Attacks: ... talDog.pdf

Myths about Pit Bulls: ... tbulls.pdf

Would you be able to identify a Pit Bull if you saw one? ... dabull.pdf

Again, I ask you to oppose any legislation that discriminates against individual breeds. If you have any specific questions or concerns about Pit Bull breeds or BSL, please email or call me; I would be happy to discuss them with you.

Posted: Sun May 06, 2007 8:12 am
by Itsapitty
Made some flyers to post at the local pet stores. Hope they give you some ideas!


Sample Letters Off the 'Net

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2007 10:38 am
by koryn21
Here are some sites I came across that have sample letters for people to use and modify as they wish. ... tters.html

Oh, and here is an encouraging story

Re: ANTI-BSL Letters

Posted: Fri Oct 08, 2010 4:37 pm
by kimboley
Let’s say we lived in very simple world where it would be easy to keep our neighborhoods safe based on who we allowed into our city.

We each have a city, you and I. Our cities are enclosed by walls and there is but one way into the city, thru the gatekeeper. We have each given the gatekeeper specific instructions on what to ask those who want to live in our city.

Your gatekeeper asks each person who stops at the gate, “Do you own a Pit Bull, a Pit Bull mix, or any type of dog that even looks like a Pit Bull?”

All those who say “No”, are allowed to enter. All those who say “Yes”, are turned away. The population of your city grows to a nice size with out any Pit Bull type of dogs.

My gatekeeper asks each person who stops at the gate; “Is your dog part of your family? Do you and or another family member spend at least a few hours interacting with your dog daily? Have you been with your dog to obedience training? Have you socialized your dog with other people and other dogs? Have you educated your children on the do’s and don’ts around your dog and strange dogs? Are you willing to license your dog and not breed for financial gain? Do you intend on owning your dog for his entire life? Do you agree to provide your dog with daily food, water, shelter and love?”

All those who can answer “Yes” to all those questions are allowed to enter. All those who answer “No” to any of the questions will be turned away. The population of my city grows to a nice size with a mixture of all breeds of dogs.

Your city had no expectation of responsibility of the pet owner. No expectations for the pet owner to educate themselves or their children. I guess you don’t need any responsible pet owners or educated people because there are no Pit Bulls in the population.

The people in my city were expected to be responsible pet owners in order to enter my city, regardless of the breed of dog they owned.

Several years later, what do you think we will see when we look into each of these cities? Remember they each started with zero population and each person and pet that entered was questioned and allowed to enter based on our specific restrictions and expectations of our population.

Looking into your city, the hospitals have reported dog attacks both fatal and severe by each breed of dog allowed in your city. The shelters are full of all breeds of dogs that were picked up roaming the streets, relinquished because they tore up somebody’s shoe or barked too much. Your shelters are full of the dogs that were saved from the puppy mill down the street. Is your city safe with specific breed restrictions?

Looking into my city, there are no fatal dog reports at the hospital. There is only one shelter, the kennels are not full of unclaimed or unwanted dogs, when a dog gets out of its yard, the owner is looking for it and wants it back, as the dog is part of the family. There are not any severe attacks on children because my population has been educated. The Pit Bull breeds in my city work right along with the other breeds with law enforcement and as search and rescue dogs. My city is safe with all breeds of dogs due to making the pet owners be responsible for their pet’s behaviors. I have no over population because people do not breed for money. My city is full of educated, responsible pet owners. Is my city safe without breed specific restrictions?

Please put the focus where it should be.

Breed bans are not going to make any city safe because you still have bad dog owners.

Encourage the public to educate themselves. Vote for a way to educate, not regulate.

[url ... -mixes.pdf Can you identify a Pit Bull or a Pit Bull mix breed of dog? I could not. [/url]

[url ... -text1.pdf Pit Bull, Media, Myths and the Politics of Canine Aggression[/url]

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Re: ANTI-BSL Letters

Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:57 am
by Imanis_mommi
Good Afternoon,

My name is Yesenia ***** and I am a born and raised
Miami Dade County Resident. My family has been working for this county
for well over 20 years for Miami Dade Water and Sewer and as
Firefighters/Paramedics. Unfortunately these same family members have
all had to relocate their residences to Broward County and commute on a
daily basis. The reason for their relocation is the BSL which
discriminates against the four legged members of our family. It is
extremely sad that I too may have to relocate out of this city which
my family has called home since my grandparents migrated here from
Cuba. I am sorry if I am rambling on but this is an issue that is
close to my heart for obvious reasons. Today I reach out to you and
ask that you please support these bills that will allow all of us
Miami-ans the same rights as the rest of the state.
The freedom to be a responsible dog owner of which ever breed we
choose. Furthermore, these bill will save the US Miami-Dade taxpayers
upwards of $3Million a year, money used to enforce this ban; money
that is needed for other animal services.

Please I beg that you take the time to really look into these bills.

Thank You for your time,

Re: ANTI-BSL Letters

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2012 12:15 pm
by Imanis_mommi
Here's the email I sent to The Mayor of Miami Dade County and to the Commissioners Offices:

Good Morning,

My name is Yesenia Nunez and I am a born and Raised Miami Dade County
Resident and Buisness owner in support of HB997 and SB1322.

I am writting to you today because I find it incredibly disappointing
that my County opposes HB997 and SB1332. I am upset to know that Miami
Dade has taken upon themselves to fight these bills. I DO NOT want my
tax dollars paying lobbyist to fight an antiquated ordinance that is
costing this county over $3,000,000.00 a year to enforce and is
killing our dogs! I OPPOSE a straw poll vote to let the Miami
residents decide for themselves, due to bad press and media hype our
county has taught an entire generation of Miami to fear anything
remotely resembling a Pit Bull. Launching a campaign based on myths
and false information, coupled by a 1-2 million dollar tab to access
the costs of such a vote would be a disaster and an debt our County
CANNOT afford.
I urge you to please take the time to properly educate yourselves and
our County. I beg that we as a County think twice about where our tax
dollars are being spent, while here we are laying off Police Officers,
Firefighters, and government employees. I mean really where do our
priorities stand?

I thank you for your time and have faith in our County.

Very Respectfully,


Re: ANTI-BSL Letters

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2012 12:20 pm
by Curly_07
Beautifully written IMO. I hope they will come around and realize.

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Re: ANTI-BSL Letters

Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2012 11:15 am
by Imanis_mommi
Curly_07 wrote:Beautifully written IMO. I hope they will come around and realize.

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Thank You!! I do too!!