Hi everyone - I've Just joined :)

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Hi everyone - I've Just joined :)

Postby Zeenypanini » Sun Apr 16, 2017 6:01 pm

Hi everyone

We live in Brisbane Australia, and I'm the proud owner of my two beautiful furbabies, Zena and Ludo.

Zena came into our lives almost a year and a half ago as a four month old pup from the RSPCA. We had gone to adopt another dog but saw him get adopted by someone else right in front of us - we were two minutes too late. Meanwhile, my son who was 13 at the time was bonding with this little black and white sweet quiet amstaff bulldog x and it didn't take us long to be sure she was the right girl for our family.

Zena is loving, social, high energy and fun loving. She loves her cuddles, walkies and zoom zooms (car rides). She loves the beach and dog parks but can play a bit too intense for some dogs (and their owners) so I'm careful who she plays with and where.
After hearing of a puppy mill that was shut down and the dogs seized at the beginning of this year, my heart broke for all the animals in there that have never known a loving home, and since then my partner and I decided we would give a second dog a good home, surely two is no harder than one, right? Lol

So our boy Ludo has come into our lives only 2 weeks ago - we don't know exactly what breed he is, we are curious but it's not that important. We think he had a rough start to life and I wish he could talk to tell us what he's been through. He is a 6 month old,very sweet, timid and eager to please young boy - sometimes stubborn but gentle calm and fi loving. He is more like an old man and Zena, who is turning two in August is our perpetual puppy!

Zena had been wonderful welcoming Ludo into the family. She shares her bones, her bed (even though he has his own) and they snuggle together at night. She shows no jealousy when I cuddle him, and there is rivalry between them but I think it is healthy and to be expected - such as 'who can do the best 'sit' for a treat?'

im joining this forum to share my experiences and ask advice from others with similar breeds, so thanks for the opportunity to connect with other bully breed families!

I love my furbabies with all of my heart and look forward to sharing and meeting yours too!

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Re: Hi everyone - I've Just joined :)

Postby Bullseye » Sun Apr 16, 2017 8:38 pm


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Re: Hi everyone - I've Just joined :)

Postby haranka » Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:37 am


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