Disguise My Pibble!

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Disguise My Pibble!

Postby jmcanjelly » Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:16 pm

Hello! I'm the proud mom of a Pibble cross (?) Named Poodle (reverse psychology attempt) and am angry and frustrated over doors slamming in my face because of this. I was forced to withdraw from Bergin University of Canine Studies Bachelor and Master's program as one of only 40 students accepted annually because housing has wide spread restrictive policies. Currently, I'm exploring my Snowbird options at RV Resorts in Arizona. Some are pet friendly and 100% of those have breed specific bans of several breeds and I'm screwed again. Having a Pibble has impacted important major decisions and I'm angry and frustrated and reduced to sobbing. I'm hoping to find advice and information on this forum from those with the same experiences.

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Re: Disguise My Pibble!

Postby Bullseye » Thu Aug 03, 2017 8:59 pm

I'm not in the USA, so I can't help you, however most people on this forum are.. so hopfully they can help :)


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Re: Disguise My Pibble!

Postby haranka » Fri Aug 18, 2017 11:01 am

Hello 8)

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Re: Disguise My Pibble!

Postby Gunnar » Wed Aug 23, 2017 4:44 pm

I totally understand the frustration! Its the dream to be able to travel and keep your best friend with you every where you go...its not fair that our Pibbles get treated differently!

This is what I did, and it may work for you. Housing owners have the right to have breed restrictions, but there's a loophole! Any dog can be made an Emotional Support Animal, regardless of breed. If you qualify, then by LAW you are allowed to keep your pup with you. No one is allowed to say 'you can't stay with us' or 'you cant rent from us' because of the breed. (Plus, 'pet fees' are waived! So yay!)

All you need is a doctor's note. If your doctor agrees that you would benefit from keeping your buddy with you, then that's all it takes! Here's an example:

(Doctor's office)
phone number(s)

14 APR 2017
RE: last name, first name
DOB: 01 Jan 1990

Dear To Whom It May Concern:

K is a very pleasant patient who has been under my care since (date). I have first-hand knowledge of k's neurological condition/disability and the functional limitations caused by this disability. Secondary to her diagnosis, I am prescribing an emotional support dog to assist with limitations caused by her seizures which may be exacerbated by stress.

Please contact me with questions you may have regarding my recommendation that K have an emotional support dog.

Very respectfully,

(Doctor's name and credentials, as well as contact information)

You don't need something as serious as seizures to qualify. Anxiety, depression, excessive stress, high blood pressure...any of these will work!

Also, do NOT fall into the scam of 'registering' your ESD. No matter how legit it looks, there is no law saying your dog has to be 'registered' somewhere. You just need a doctor's note. Not speaking from experience... :oops:

Let me know if you want more info! :hug:

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