Please help me get my dog back.

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Please help me get my dog back.

Postby HelpBugsy » Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:39 pm

Ok so this is a loong story but because of city ordinances my boxer mis was taken because they said he's a pittbull. A woman called the chief of police and said she is a trainer for service dogs and he gave her my dog even though he said that I could chose his new home. She showed up and let's just say alarm bells were blaring. After having time to grieve I have been reading up and found my dog could be tested to see if he is 25% pitt. Now she won't talk to me or answer my questions and I just want my dog back. Question is...can just anyone call themselves a trainer? How can I find out if she is lying? I found a post on her FB page from 2 months ago complaining that her dog (she said was her ES dog) prefers her husband and is looking for a boxer. Guess who's boxer she got? Exactly. Mine. I just need help. She said I could have him back after she trained him as an ES for me but considering she won't speak to me that's obviously not her plan. Ive been duped. Please help me!

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Re: Please help me get my dog back.

Postby Bullseye » Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:15 pm

Not really sure if I could help you, it all sounds very suspicious, there is no test reliable enough to determine a dogs breed, sounds like the police officer was acting in an irresponsible manner too, just allowing someone to in effectively steal your dog, as far as I know there are no regulations on what a dog trainer actually is, did the chief know the person in question?


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